OSCE deputies arrive in Minsk with wives


OSCE deputies arrive in Minsk with wives

Minsk has become a full bridge between the East and the West. It was stated by Christine Muttonen, head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

She arrived in Minsk on July 4, 2017.

Minsk will host the OSCE session for the first time. The forum will open on July 5, 2017. As many as 600 guests will partake in it.

Christine Muttonen, chairwoman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:
Minsk has become a platform where issues on building peace are discussed or a long time now. We consider Belarus not only a ridge between different states, but between the East and the West. Minsk is very important for all of us.

The 1975 Helsinki Agreement, regulating relations between the East and the West, is not as powerful as it used to be. The world needs new peacemaking steps.

The 26th OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Minsk will be the united step towards peace. As many as three blocks on the agenda.

Politics, economy and human rights. Deputies will work out a behavior strategy. It will all be fixed in the Minsk Declaration.

Sergei Kizima, political expert:
It is an important event. It is important or Belarus’ image. There will be many discussions in the world press. It is a positive act which once again proves the importance of Belarus in the European issues, the importance of Belarus as the center of Europe and a donor of security.

Belarusian deputies prepared a resolution as well. It concerns combating psychoactive substances.

The subject is not incidental. The experience in suppressing drug trafficking in Belarus is immense.

Another important thing is that Belarus plays an important role in combatting terrorism. Christine Muttonen suggested establishing a special committee on combatting terrorism in Belarus.

Piotr Petrovsky, political expert:
This initiative is in demand due to the events in Syria and Ukraine and due to the terrorist acts in St. Petersburg and Western Europe. I hope that it will be a special step in cooperation on this topical issue.

As many as 600 guests are planned to partake in the session. The biggest delegations are rom the USA, Germany and Italy.

A cultural program will be provided for them. Most of the deputies took their wives with them.

Boleslav Pirshtuk, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus:
It is important for us so that the deputies and our colleagues themselves find out what Belarus is, so that they communicate with people and see that it is a European country with a European culture and a high development level.

I am sure that the majority will change their attitude towards the Republic of Belarus.

President Lukashenko will take part in the opening of the session. Alexander Lukashenko will also hold a meeting with Christine Muttonen , the Foreign Minister of Austria and the incumbent OSCE chairman Sebastian Kurz.