President Lukashenko appoints new Minsk Region Governor


President Lukashenko appoints new Minsk Region Governor

Anatoly Isachenko has been appointed the Governor of Minsk Region. Having made such a personnel decision, Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that this region for the newly-appointed governor is well-known.

Anatoly Isachenko held the post of the aide to the President and of the inspector for Minsk Region. The region is one of the largest in the country, not only y territory. The region is the leader of the agrarian sector, the plants of the region are known all over the world, the realized projects make foreign investors interested.


Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Each of the governors made certain contributions into the region. We came to the conclusion, and in the Presidential Administration, I am happy that they came to the conclusion themselves, that we need to make personnel decisions more often. I think that people shouldn’t stay in one place or a long time. You didn’t stay in one position for a long time; you know how the power vertical works. I would really like you to be successful in Minsk Region. I would really like it to happen. You can count on me when you will need help. I do not interfere with anyone’s work. However, I people ask for help, I always try to do everything possible to support and help them.

Anatoly Isachenko began his career as an ordinary tractor driver in his home village in Bryansk region. After graduating from the Academy of Agriculture he worked in the agrarian sector in Mogilev region. He held senior positions here. He was the chairman of Kirovsk District Executive Committee, deputy governor and the chairman of Regional Deputies Council. Rom December 2016 he held the position of the aide to the President, the head Inspector of Minsk Region.

Anatoly Isachenko, chairman of Minsk Region Executive Committee:
President Lukashenko set a task to develop regions, to pay attention to technological issues and give an impulse for the development of Minsk region. Today the region fulfils the figures, and the main reserve in any region is personnel and technologies.

On July 5, 2017 the candidacy of Anatoly Isachenko will be put forward at the Minsk Region Council of Deputies for confirmation in office.