Belarus President awards best workers

Belarus President awards best workers

State awards have been bestowed on the best representatives of various spheres. On July 4, the Belarus President presented orders, medals and signs on conferring high ranks. The solemn ceremony was held in the Palace of Independence.

Awards were given to about 40 people, the best representatives of their professions, as well as those who possess and show the most worthy human qualities, for example courage.

On July 4, medals "For the saved life" were awarded for the first time. Addressing the audience, the President noted that the best representatives of our people received awards today. These are people who showed the highest achievements in peaceful labor and military business.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It is profoundly symbolic that the Belarusian people associate the main state triumph with the liberation of the country from the Nazi invaders, with the gaining of freedom and independence. The present heirs of those heroic times increase the glory of the Fatherland thanks to the exemplary fulfillment of duty and personal courage.

From time immemorial, the warrior, defender of the Fatherland enjoyed deep respect in our society and was considered a reliable support of the state. Today here we have the best representatives of the Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, and emergency units.

Representatives of the agrarian sphere and rural workers also make a significant contribution to ensuring national security. With their hard work, sometimes in extremely unfavorable weather conditions, they managed to significantly increase food exports, strengthen the country's budget in a difficult period.

Representatives of the most diverse sectors of the economy and professions will receive their high awards and titles today: industrial workers and builders, doctors and lawyers, foresters, athletes, scientists, cultural workers, and social protection services. This is a testament to the fact that people of labor have the most extensive opportunities to apply their energy and creativity in our society. The contribution of every worthy citizen and patriot of the country will always be marked according to merits.

Today I would like to once again congratulate you on Independence Day. I want to wish you happiness, health, success in your work for the benefit of Belarus.

Among those who are awarded are representatives of law enforcement agencies, doctors, teachers, scientists, athletes, cultural and social workers. Among the awardees are also chiefs of successful organizations and enterprises.

Ivan Tikhon, Chevalier of the Order of Honor:
Each award has its time, so it is always pleasant to understand what the head of state appreciates our work.

Anatoly Alai, People's Artist of Belarus:
Today is a special holiday for us. On the one hand, the holiday of liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders. On the other hand, the President has bestowed state awards here.

The awards ceremony is timed to the main state holiday - Independence Day of Belarus, which was celebrated yesterday on July 3. Honoring the best of the best in such special days is a tradition has already established itself in Belarus.