ONT TV Channel celebrates 15th anniversary

ONT TV Channel celebrates 15th anniversary

They have the Eiffel Tower, but we have a famous TV tower, under which TV programs of the TV Channels Stolichnoe Televidenie and ONT TV Channel are made. ONT is legally referred to as ZAO Second National TV Channel - it was intended 15 years ago to become the second national broadcaster. But soon it turned out that the ratings of the media newcomer beat all the records.

Today ONT remains the favorite TV button for a large number of Belarusians. Of course, RTR-Belarus, Stolichnoe Televidenie, and Belteleradiocompany group of channels also have their fans. But ONT made a kind of revolution in the Belarusian TV space. President Lukashenko sent congratulations to the ONT team in connection with the anniversary. We are happy to propose our toast from the blue screen!

"Not instead of, but together!" For 15 years now, these words have been heard on the air of the Second National TV Channel. ONT celebrates its anniversary. Leading hosts and correspondents received honorary diplomas from the Presidential Administration, the House of Representatives, and the Ministry of Culture.

The Second National TV Channel was founded in June 2002. It all started with information programs, with Contours and Our News being the most popular. Later, the channel started to create popular documentary and sports projects as well as reality shows and international competitions. They have already become the hallmark of the channel. About 1,500 programs and projects have been created over this time.

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
It is very important that the media convey truthful information to our people. Today much has been done. There are channels, newspapers and other printed editions. Of course, we would like them to develop further, create new projects and come up with new ideas - those that will be of interest to our citizens today.

Grigory Kisel, Chairman of the Board of ZAO "Second National TV Channel" (2002-2017):
Dear colleagues, dear friends. 15 years. All that we did together... Thanks to all of you, especially to those who came first.

Our television channel has also congratulated the colleagues. Today the Second National Channel's team includes 330 people. They work in different directorates among which are sectors responsible for information, programs, special projects, technical maintenance and production.

Talented and creative - this is how you can describe each of the employees. The channel plans to focus on interactivity, communication with the audience and dynamism.

Marat Markov, Chairman of the Board of ZAO "Second National TV Channel":
There were a lot of cool, highly professional projects in the history of ONT. I guarantee that all the best that ONT has had (professionalism, experience, and the ability to create good projects) will remain on the air at ONT.