Belarus ends Independence Day with countrywide anthem singing campaign

Belarus ends Independence Day with countrywide anthem singing campaign

On July 3, Belarus celebrated the country's main national holiday - Independence Day. The parade at the stela "Minsk - Hero City" was watched by about 250,000 people. The celebrations ended late at night.

A festive concert, a fireworks display and, of course, the traditional campaign "Let's sing the anthem together" were the highlights of the day.

1,100 days of Nazi occupation during WWII, city in ruins and thousands of children without fathers, wives without husbands, parents who will never see their sons from the battlefield. It all ended on July 3. The brilliant operation "Bagration" gave the whole country hope for bright future. Several decades later, July 3 became Independence Day in Belarus.

We have been living in Belarus for 26 years. July 3 became the nationwide holiday 11 years ago. This is a truly family holiday symbolizing the continuity of generations.

Guests of the holiday:
Independence Day for our children is the future: in peace, tranquility, and well-being.

I watch the parade, walked in the park, in the Victory Park - there was also quite an interesting concert there. Everything was organized at the highest level.

Thousands of people kissing and taking pictures of the parade. This year's extravaganza featured not only the military might of Belarus but also the achievements of its various industries and companies. By the weekend, the whole city of Murmansk will see the thematic special report from this Russian family.

Guests of the holiday:
We photographed it all and filmed it.

Most of all we liked when the planes were flying.

The evening concert dedicated to Independence Day featured both masters of the stage and young artists. Many compositions were written especially for Independence Day. Taking part in the gala concert "My Young Belarus" were more than a hundred people.

Uzari, singer :
It's wonderful that we have an opportunity to sing our songs for so many people Everyone knows the lyrics and this is very pleasing!

Anatoly Yarmolenko:
Now songs are written by young people and experienced people sing them. Let these traditions live next to modernity!

Dozens of songs and unexpected duos. It seemed the entire Minsk was singing along for almost two hours. At 22.50, the entire country in unison sang the national anthem of Belarus (please watch the video to listen).

Right after the anthem the spectators were offered a gorgeous fireworks display, with colors of fireworks representing different flowers like Chrysanthemum, Acacia, Hydrangea and others. The show lasted 10 minutes and consisted of 30 volleys.

Guests of the holiday:
I really fascinating!

We danced and sang! And now we are watching the magnificent fireworks.

We had a good time today: we were at the parade and watched the fireworks. We saw all our artists.

Today is a fantastic day indeed, a day of union.

Everything is fine, that was a great holiday! It definitely was a success!