Foreigners about 2017 Independence Day in Belarus


Foreigners about 2017 Independence Day in Belarus

Traditionally Independence Day is celebrated not only by citizens of Belarus, but also by foreigners who live with us.

For some, the third of July is the opportunity to feel the rhythm of Belarusian life to the fullest while for others this is the occasion to be imbued with our culture.

Some even call Belarus their second home after such days.

A native of China, Zhang Hongshan, meets his 7th July 3 in Minsk. But 2017 is special. In his left hand, he habitually holds a phone for selfies, but his right hand holds the palm of his beloved woman. Zhang decided to arrange a tour of the Upper Town for the lady of his heart.

Zhao Nan Nan, citizen of the People's Republic of China:
He's lived here for a long time, he has a lot of experience. And I'm new, I'm a graduate student. I do not know anything in Minsk. And he tells me a lot about the history of your country, about your capital. Gradually, I am learning too.

They met at the BSU university. The Chinese analogue of Belarus' Independence Day July 3 is celebrated on October 1 and is called National Day of the People's Republic of China.

Zhao Nan Nan:
We will never forget it. We have so many emotions, so many feelings celebrating your holiday!

This dance band is truly international since it unites representatives of ten nationalities: Russians, Azerbaijanis, Dagestanis and, of course, Belarusians. Team leader Vyusal Karaev moved to Minsk with his parents as a child.

The Independence Day of Belarus is one of the first and brightest impressions of childhood.

Vuysal Karaev, citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
Father always said in the evening: "Kids, honey, come on! In the evening we will go to look at the fireworks."

We all went to the Stela in the evening, by 10 o'clock, to see the fireworks.

He learned the Belarusian language, started to dance and decided to make the cultures of Belarus and Azerbaijan closer. The result was a Caucasian dance with a Belarusian flavor. By the way, the soloist Vasily, Belarusian, is under 10 years old.

Vuysal Karaev:
Of course, it is our holiday too, like all the holidays that are celebrated in the Republic of Belarus, like Belarus itself. We also consider Belarus itself to be another Motherland.

Our true Motherland is Azerbaijan but we also love Belarus.

His favorite places are the river Svisloch and the center of Minsk. Iranian Kamran Kazempur came to Belarus for the first time in 2005. He did not know Russian at all, but the atmosphere of the city did its job: Kamran realized that this is love, and moved to live. And now on July 3 he sends greetings and photos to his parents in Isfahan.

Kamran Kazempur , citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran:
On Independence Day, I go there every year and watch the concert. With the phone, I film it and send it to my parents.

Then I look for some souvenirs, buy them, send to my parents too.

A couple of years ago, Kamran decided to return to Iran, but not for long. Kamran fell in love with Minsk so strongly that he decided to devote a poem to the city.

Kamran Kazempur:
Minsk is like a sleeping beauty, lying under the snow. Minsk is exciting. Minsk is drawing in my hands. I write for you again, again, and again ...