Military hardware exhibition held in Minsk

Military hardware exhibition held in Minsk

All the power of Belarusian Army at a distance of a hand. After the military parade dedicated to Independence Day, all the military and agricultural machinery, which participated in the parade, was lined up near the Minsk Hero City complex.

Tanks, armored personnel carriers, multiple rocket launchers, tractors and cars were at people’s disposal for one hour.

Viktor Levchik:
I like military equipment. It is my hobby and I now many stories about the War.

Viktor is only eight years old, but he knows military terminology quite well, he can easily hold and excursion at the military exhibition.

Boys who are a bit older than Viktor preferred the new Belarusian Caiman, which was by the way designed by a woman.

Arseniy Ostashevich:
It is pleasant to see how it looks like in real life and not on TV.

Social networks are now full of selfies with tanks.

This is the first year when people can see all the participants of the parade after the event itself. There were long queues just to take a selfie with real armored vehicles.

Harvesters could be seen at the exhibition as well. Tractors, harvesters and novelties of Belarus’ car industry.

People had only one hour to see the machinery. Some of them said that they will come here once again.