Public festivals held in Minsk 3 July

Public festivals held in Minsk 3 July

Belarus turned into one big celebratory platform on Independence Day. A large cultural and historical platform in the Upper Town.

The chronicle o Minsk, from the 11th century till the present days, was shown by the chronicle recreators, Hundreds of people came to watch. The key event was when Minsk was given Magdeburg Right.

Participant of the historic reconstruction:
Today we have a festival dedicated 1000 years of Belarus’ history. It is called “On the way to independence”. Many people come and watch our reconstructions, but today it is special.

Guests of the celebration:
We enjoyed it very much to see the history of our Republic.

It is great that Minsk holds such events.

Concerts in a non-stop regime continue near the Sports Palace. Singers and musical groups perform there.

The celebration is held all over Minsk. There are many people; foreigners came to the celebration as well. Some people came to stay with their relatives or friends, some people decided to visit Minsk as tourists on this day.

Guests of the celebration:
We enjoyed it very much. The national folklore impresses us immensely. We bought some souvenirs as well.

Great, I like it! So many happy people, such energy! Great!