National Honor Board opens in Minsk on National Flag Square

National Honor Board opens in Minsk on National Flag Square

Belarusians have things to be proud of so why not put it on display? The traditional form - the Board of Honor - has been presented recently in the Belarus capital Minsk. Someone might blame us for archaism, but the essence is the same as that of billboards or screens or selfies in social networks - to show the advantages of goods and people. The Board of Honor, besides the promotional aspect, is also advertising. This is the advertising of the achievements of the Belarusian system.

The tradition of annual updating of the board of honor, which features enterprises and Belarusian regions, is almost two decades old. During this time, both geography and the number of plates changed. Now the Honor Board has an honorable address - State Flag Square. This week it was updated again.

According to the results of 2016, 68 winners were named. These are the best teams and regions of Belarus that have achieved high rates in socio-economic development and saving of resources.

The state awarded construction organizations and institutions involved in education and culture for achievements in their respective spheres.

The best districts of Belarus in 2016 are Grodno District, Dzerzhinsk District and Minsk District. Belarusian cities Gomel and Brest won awards for achieving the best indicators in social and economic development.

Winners were named under scorching sun: +30 degrees Celsius were recorded on that day.

Meanwhile the regional center of the warmest region of Belarus - Brest - is preparing for its 1000th anniversary. It also received its places on the Board of Honor.