Independence Day Parade 2017 in Minsk: Video and Belarus President's Address


Independence Day Parade 2017 in Minsk: Video and Belarus President's Address

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Comrade soldiers, sergeants and officers!

Dear veterans!

Dear compatriots and guests!

Today our country celebrates Independence Day. We started celebrating the main state holiday today on July 3 at the will of our people. This choice testifies to the historical memory of Belarusians and the continuity of generations. In our hearts, the independence of Belarus is inseparably linked with its liberation from the German Nazi invaders.

We will never forget those who liberated us from the Nazi yoke and whom we owe much. The Great Victory was won thanks to the heroism of the soldiers of the Red Army and the workers of the rear, the steadfastness and unity of all Soviet people.

The Belarusian people made a huge contribution to the defeat of Nazism. This was recognized by the world community. Therefore, our country was rightfully included in the list of powers that established the United Nations.

We are proud of the fact that Belarus has proved its worth as an independent state that pursues multi-vector foreign policy. Our unchanging principle is the equality of all countries and their non-interference in each other's internal affairs. We stand for the solution of any international conflicts exclusively at the negotiating table.

Unfortunately, other countries did not want to follow this example. What did this lead to? There is an increase in global instability. International security is ruined. The countries of Europe entered the path of militarization. They are drawn into the arms race and military preparations. The United States is deploying here, at our borders, a missile defense system and improving its nuclear capabilities.

Our answer is the modern Belarusian army. It is constantly modernized, it is mobile, well-trained and well-armed.

It is important to note that the national defense and industrial complex makes a significant contribution to improving the combat readiness of Belarus.

The country successfully develops its own rocket engineering. You can name more than a hundred samples of Belarusian military products, which are fundamentally new and innovative.

The military arsenal that we possess will be shown today during the parade. Everyone will be able to make sure we have everything we need to fight back any aggressor.

The policy of Belarus is open. We have nothing to hide. Together with fraternal Russia, we are defending the borders of the Union State that we are creating.

Our strategic goal is to further develop relations with the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). These are our reliable partners and loyal friends. We are bound by a common history and together today we are defending the world against new threats.

On this holiday I want to address you, dear veterans! You did not allow out country to kneel during the most terrible war, you brought freedom to our native land. We are proud of you and strive to be worthy of the glorious generation of winners.

Dear compatriots!

In this sacred day for each of us, I wish you happiness, health and prosperity, a peaceful sky and success in work for the benefit of our native Belarus.

Glory to the heroes who defended their homeland in the fierce battles!

Glory to the workers who revived the country from the ashes and turned it into a beautiful land!

Glory to the Belarusian army - the guarantor of the inviolability of our Motherland's borders!

Glory to the Belarusian people!

Congratulations! Happy Independence Day, Belarus!


Парад в Минске 3 июля 2017. Видеоверсия