President Lukashenko gives start to celebrating Independence Day


President Lukashenko gives start to celebrating Independence Day

Independence Day of Belarus is on its way. On the day Belarusians will sing the national anthem together. What is more, the national anthem of the Republic of Belarus sounded near the Eifel Tower.

A solemn meeting and a concert od art masters dedicated to Independence Day was held in the Palace of the Republic. Alexander Lukashenko took part in the event. Teachers, doctors, scientists, and professionals were invited to the Palace. There were many young people there as well. Such meetings and concerts are a tradition.

Tamara Zavgarodnaya is 93. In 1941 she graduated from school and in one year she was blowing up enemy echelons.

Tamara Zavgarodnaya, veteran of the Great Patriotic War:
It is a happy and big celebration for me. I hope to live till the next year and come her once again.

Lyubov Cherkashina, bronze medalist of 2012 Olympics in London:
We are the best. We just need to believe in it. We need to make an effort and prove to everyone that we can strive, make Belarus more prosperous and reach success in all spheres.

Vladimir Gusakov, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences:
Belarusian science is keeping up with world tendencies. It is space systems, drone complexes, biotechnologies, machines and materials. Belarus is not behind world achievements.

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Today we live in a wonderful country, under a peaceful sky. We believe in the future. We have grown up children. I am absolutely sure that if we do everything for Belarus to be sovereign, it will be wonderful.

Before the concert began, President Lukashenko delivered a speech which didn’t leave people indifferent.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
What was the power of Belarus? First of all, in the dynamics of development: in a short period we managed to raise agriculture to a high level, Therefore, we solved the problem of food security. Without solving the problem we couldn’t even think of sovereignty and independence, when people were hungry and hardly had any clothes to wear. There was a time, when there was flour for only three days in the country; there was nothing to bake bread from. Today Belarus is one of the leaders in the world, if speaking about agriculture products sales. The success of Belarusian scientists let the country become a space power. Belarus is an industrial state. The fraction of producing sector in the economy is at the level of developed states. Today we are putting a bid on the economy of knowledge, the role of which in the modern world has increased dramatically. Our ambitious but at the same time reachable aim is to establish an IT country. This decision will make Belarus even more modern and prosperous, and Belarusians will be sure about their future. It is a very serious task. It is a task for survival. The President of Russia said that if Belarus and Russia do not solve this problem, then there is no future. I completely agree with him.

Belarus has always been a place of power. Works of art and discoveries which are renowned in the world can be found in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Any nation has milestones which determine their fate, the Belarusian nation took its start in the far ninth century. Then, 1155 years ago, Polotsk was a famous administrative and trade center of Slavic Europe. The Principality of Polotsk is part of Belarusian history, which is a peaceful, friendly and hardworking state. In those days the residents of the principality determined their own fate themselves. They chose leaders at special councils from the most courageous and wise people. It is necessary to say, that many states then got their statehood when Varygs came to their lands.

Today Belarus cooperates with the West and China. There is progress in the relations with the USA and the EU.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Now everyone needs to begin to work. You shouldn’t think that by graduating from a university when you are 20, even if you were very successful, that you will have a Mercedes tomorrow. And that everything will fall down from the sky for you. It is necessary to understand that severe competition will be around you. You will have success only then, when you create all the conditions for yourself with your head, rain and hands. There is no other way out. Life has changed. It has become more intensive and faster. Those who are not ahead can be lost in the crowd. This is what life is like today. We cannot change it. We need to adapt to it. We need to survive. And those Belarusians who understand it, they live well, they don’t cry, don’t grudge, but they understand that it is only them who are the creators of their success. It is important for defense and security. I said it before, if I being President and the security services do not provide security in the streets, do not provide defense, against those who are thinking of getting their hands on Belarus, then the independence and sovereignty of Belarus will be condemned. Therefore, we are forced to pay due attention to security. Because talks will be held with powerful states only. They will simply not notice the weak points, they will ignore it. The results of the previous couple of month’s show that the economy of Belarus is slowly and carefully entering the necessary positive dynamics. Therefore, the state policy is subordinated to the principle – everything for the welfare of people. I say it quite often, no bolts and nuts are necessary for the state, if it will not be for people. No bolts and nuts are necessary for the state or the authorities, if it is not for the people. Because the Republic is genuine popular.

The concert in the Palace of the Republic told the story of statehood in Belarus. This is how the official celebrating of Independence Day began