President Lukashenko signs decree on state support of legal entities and entrepreneurs

President Lukashenko signs decree on state support of legal entities and entrepreneurs

The sector of personal services in villages will get state support. Entrepreneurs will now be able to count on subvention when buying equipment, materials, building and refurbishing placements.

The corresponding decree was signed by Alexander Lukashenko. Therefore, the state will invest into the improvement of life in villages. Not in every agro village today it is possible to repair shoes or domestic goods, or go to the hairdresser’s.

Marina used to work as a hairdresser in Mogilev. However, she decided to return home and set up her own business. The local authorities decided to help- she doesn’t pay anything for renting this 14 square meter room.

Marina Grechko, entrepreneur:
People need to have a haircut no matter where they live. Due to the fact that there is no competition in villages, there is always work here and it is beneficial.

However, this example is rather rare. She is the only one in the village. The reason is simple; there is no one else to work there. Local residents are in despair.

Yelena Timoshchenko, resident of Mezhisetki agro village:
I called the consumer services center, asked them to make a dress. They said that they won’t be able to. Because it is not profitable.

Tamara Kozlova, resident of Mezhisetki agro village:
We are lacking consumer services as shoe repairing; we need to go to town.

Ordinary people are suffering.

Andrei Verkhovodkin, deputy chairman of Chaussy District Executive Committee:
The decree was signed in time. Now there are instruments for supporting entrepreneurs in villages. It will develop consumer services.

Entrepreneur Andrei Tetersky was happy to hear about the decree.

Andrei Tetersky, director of a private organization:
If there is enough of working capital for us, we then can employ seven more people. There are perspectives, there is work, and however, there isn’t enough of working capital.

Marina Grechko is planning to buy a conditioner and new furniture for her salon. Her friend is ready to open a manicure cabinet in the placement nearby.