Alexander Lukashenko on Belarus’ positive economy development

Alexander Lukashenko on Belarus’ positive economy development

Only a nation itself can be a creator of independence. It was stated by President Lukashenko at the solemn meeting dedicated to Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

Hundreds of people are invited here. Senior officials, veterans, scientist and doctors. All those who contribute into the development of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized in his speech that the strive of Belarus to live in its own house has always been an aim, which always gave strength and spirit. Special words of gratitude were addressed to veterans.

The Palace of Independence today is a big cultural exposition. When entering the building guests sees a big photo exhibition. Photos of Belarusian people, nature and machinery are there. Things Belarus can be proud of.

Zoya Rusak studied the history of Belarus not by exhibits. She was 15 when she left for the front, celebrated victory in Berlin and returned to Minsk in 1946.

Zoya Rusak, veteran of the Great Patriotic War:
I never watch war films, because I saw it all at the War myself, The pensions are not bad, I have a flat. Everything is fine.

Belarus’s way to independence lasted for many decades, and during the time it was an arena for many wars. There are many tragic moments in Belarusian history, but Belarusians have things to be proud of.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We remember those educators and great people of statehood. They were there from the very start. These are famous Belarusians: Euphrosyne of Polotsk., Kirill Turovsky, Francysk Skaryna, Symon Budny and others. A lot earlier than many of our neighbors-500 years ago we mastered book printing. The consequences of World War I, the Revolution of 1917 gave many of the peoples of Europe a possibility to establish their own states. These processes influenced Belarus. The question of Belarus’ statehood firmly entered the agenda of European geopolitics.

A lot of effort was put into restoring the country after the Great Patriotic War. It was uneasy after the collapse of the USSR. The young state actively reconstructed its economy.

Alexander Lukashenko:
What was the power of Belarus? First of all, in the dynamics of development: in a short period we managed to raise agriculture to a high level, Therefore, we solved the problem of food security. Without solving the problem we couldn’t even think of sovereignty and independence, when people were hungry and hardly had any clothes to wear. There was a time, when there was flour for only three days in the country; there was nothing to bake bread from. Today Belarus is one of the leaders in the world, if speaking about agriculture products sales.

No one will ever reach success without putting effort to it. And Only that person, who will work hard, will manage to survive in this world and on this planet. The result of the previous couple of month’s show that the economy of Belarus is slowly and carefully entering the necessary positive dynamics. Therefore, the state policy is subordinated to the principle – everything for the welfare of people. I say it quite often, no bolts and nuts are necessary for the state, if it will not be for people.

Belarus is known as a free and ready for a dialogue country. Belarus has no military conflicts. It costs a lot, especially in the unstable world of today.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Certain countries have a strive to solve international conflicts with the use of forceful methods. It all makes us strengthen defensive power of Belarus and develop military and industrial complex. It is not cheap, though.

No matter how difficult it will be, God save us from paying the last money for arms and shells. I understand that it is difficult, but today we are forced to develop defense and security. I know that many people criticize me, that I did not do something. Everything that could be brought to Belarus, from bricks to space technologies, I brought it to you.

Now everyone needs to begin to work. You shouldn’t think that by graduating from a university when you are 20, even if you were very successful, that you will have a Mercedes tomorrow. And that everything will fall down from the sky for you. It is necessary to understand that severe competition will be around you. You will have success only then, when you create all the conditions for yourself with your head, brain and hands. There is no other way out.

Famous and prominent people, directors of large enterprisers, priesthood – hundreds of people have been invited to the Palace of the Republic.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Today’s figure is 4.6 billion dollars, in the best of the years it was 5.6 billion dollars and it has become a norm, in the past it used to be only 230-240 thousand dollars. The task for 2020 is to reach 7-7.5 billion dollars. This is Belarus’ independence.

Ivan Noskevich, chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is a true safety island. You won’t be able to make a single example when the law enforcement bodies or the security system of Belarus was stricken by scandals, intrigues, when there was some-kind of mistrust to Belarusian law enforcement bodies. To my mind it is a foundation of stability in Belarus.

Sergei Lebedev, Chairman of the Executive Committee - CIS Executive Secretary:
Belarus has looked-after villages, Minsk, which fascinates us with its beauty, cleanness, and comfort. My friends come here, my relatives, and all of them are fascinated.

The big celebratory concert in the Palace of the Republic gathered the best music groups of Belarus. Well-known compositions and new music hits were performed. Some of the melodies sounded special.