President Lukashenko about Belarus’ way to independence

President Lukashenko about Belarus’ way to independence

The strive of Belarus to live in its own house has always been an aim, which always gave strength and spirit. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko at a solemn meeting dedicated to Independence Day.

The history of Belarus has never been simple.

The state took its beginning in the 9th century in Polotsk. The town then was a famous trade and administrative center of Slavic Europe.

Neither wars nor political or economic problems influenced the idea of sovereignty. As President Lukashenko said,

each of the uneasy periods fulfilled the idea with its own content.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The Great Duchy of Lithuania gave a powerful impulse to building towns, military activities; it gave Europe the most progressive for that time juridical thought, written in the Belarusian language, the Statute.

A lot earlier than many of our neighbors-500 years ago we mastered book printing.

Belarusian lands were part of large empires. This is a tragic moment of Belarusian history. It took a lot so that Belarusians could be called people.

However, the long-cherished dream to live in an independent state managed to overcome these severe challenges.

The consequences of World War I, the Revolution of 1917 gave many of the peoples of Europe a possibility to establish their own states. These processes influenced Belarus. The question of Belarus’ statehood firmly entered the agenda of European geopolitics.

An important period of history was the establishment of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The development of the Republic was stopped by the Nazi Germany. The severest inhumane challenge struck Belarusian lands.

The bells of Khatyn, graves, death camps and ghettos will always remind us of those days.

It was Belarusians that then proved to the whole world – a right to live. The recognition of the seminal role of liberation from fascists,

we dedicated the main state celebration – Independence Day on 3 July.

Dear war and labor veterans, we are grateful to you for what you have done for Belarus.

The solemn meeting and a celebratory concert dedicated to Independence Day is a tradition.

In a way it is a start of celebrating the main state celebration of the country.

Hundreds of people are invited here. Senior officials, veterans, scientist and doctors. All those who contribute into the development of Belarus.