President promises to turn Belarus into IT land

President promises to turn Belarus into IT land

The presidents of Belarus and Russia took part in the plenary session of the 4th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia. The main themes of the annual event are innovative development and digital economy. The countries are determined to deepen cooperation in these areas.

As Alexander Lukashenko noted, Belarus faces the goal of becoming an IT land and Belarusian-Russian contacts in this area could develop more dynamically. For example, this could be done thanks to the projects that have proven successful. More than 1 billion people in 193 countries use mobile applications of resident companies of the Belarusian High-Tech park.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have set ourselves an ambitious goal to turn Belarus into an IT country. In the near future, we will adopt legal documents to enable such development in Belarus.

These legal documents were prepared by Belarusians and Russians, and submitted to the highest authorities of Belarus for consideration. I am sure that this will be our joint project with you and it will make a worthy contribution to the development of the most modern directions of development of our society and economy.

The key to successfully overcoming global challenges in the future is deep cooperation, focused on the production of high-tech science-intensive products. An indispensable requirement for such products is the prompt introduction into batch production in Belarus and Russia. At the same time, the formation and harmonization of the coordinated economic policies of Belarus and Russia will greatly stimulate such production and help increase its export potential, and effectively solve import substitution tasks.

All sorts of sanctions and stuff pushed us - you and us - because we still enjoy the most powerful cooperation, we are generally a single economic complex. It did not collapse after the fall of the Soviet Union. We just added something to that: either in Russia or in Belarus and something we did together. But it is functioning. And suddenly this "misfortune" (in a figurative sense) happens. It pushed Russia once again to the strongest movement to import substitution. And we found ourselves in a trend. We adjusted our production to these trends and together with Russians it is easier for us to work on import substitution. And we must move in this direction creating joint ventures in Belarus and Russia.

The parties agreed to create IT clusters and joint ventures that produce the products of tomorrow.

About 800 specialists take part in the Forum of Regions. All regions of Belarus and about 80 Russian regions are represented.