Belarus President: We must prove to the world we are a self-sufficient country


Belarus President: We must prove to the world we are a self-sufficient country

The further development of integration between Belarus and Russia should be facilitated by decisions to be taken at the meeting of the Supreme State Council.

On the eve of the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko in the Kremlin met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As noted by the leaders of the states, the significant events that are currently taking place in Moscow will allow discussing and resolving the most pressing interaction issues.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We are having really important events. It's good that they are combined in Moscow. It was a good event - almost 800 specialists alone - representatives of various regions who are present at the Forum [of Regions]. This is an opportunity for experts, regional level leaders, not to mention us, to once again discuss development issues, and we will check whether we are on the same page. And the mood is good after such an event, when you see that life is on. And life goes on when regions work and on the ground, when people move. And, indeed, they did a lot. We have a long way to go. I talked about this. And the main thing for us is import substitution. We still have to prove to the whole world that we are a self-sufficient people, a self-sufficient state. And a lot is going on successfully in this direction. I think that even today a decision has been taken at the Higher State Council. All the materials developed by the Union State Council of Ministers have been submitted. They will contribute to the further development of the integration of our two countries, a single Union State.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:
We are very glad to see you in order to talk about the directions of our cooperation in a calm working regime. This concerns economy, this concerns, in part, our international activities, the harmonization of our positions on the international arena. This concerns security issues. We have many joint plans and joint interests.