High-tech among the main topics of Belarus-Russia IV Forum of Regions

High-tech among the main topics of Belarus-Russia IV Forum of Regions

From cultural cohesion to economic ties: Moscow is hosting the IV Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia. A significant package of agreements on cooperation was signed between our countries already on the first day of the event. First business contracts have already been signed.

The enterprises of Belneftekhim were among the main newsmakers. Partnership agreements are worth more than $100 million.

In general, this effect is expected to bring the Belarus-Russia Union State to new heights.

Evgeny Pustvoi, CTV:
The Forum of Regions considerably reduces road to cooperation between the Belarusian-Russian regions. Even a table for signing new agreements and documents has been prepared.

The message of the current integration platform is the joint development of the IT sector.

Artificial intelligence should invigorate the traditional ties of the Belarusian-Russian regions.

This was the message of Valentina Matvienko and Mikhail Myasnikovich, the founders of the forum. A reasonable approach to smart economy is needed.

Valentina Matvienko , Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly:
Not just increase the volume of mutual trade. This is absolutely necessary. But today there is a new stage in our cooperation - joint ventures, joint major projects, cooperation in the field of high technologies.

We already see the high degree of economic integration that has developed between Russia and Belarus.

Belarus at the forum is represented by 250 projects and 80 enterprises.

Sergei Rakhmanov, chairman of the permanent commission for foreign affairs and national security of the Council of the Republic, Belarus' National Assembly:
Not every country in the world does this. There are not many such countries. We have very decent developments in mechanical engineering. The main thing is that we explore resources in an alliance with our Russian partners. This also applies to motor vehicles, to the chemical industry and so on.

Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic, National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
When talking about competition, we certainly mean that this is all done for future generations. Our project is not only in demand at the Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, but it gives a practical payoff, which will promote both structural reforms and IT sector and many other areas.

Getting acquainted with the achievements of science, the speakers of the upper chambers of parliaments spend most of the time at the stands from the project "100 Ideas" from the youth of Belarus. Innovative approach is also required when working with young people. It is necessary to promote traditional customs via modern technologies.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
This is the formation of mentality through information technologies,

through the involvement of civil society institutions, the formation of the mentality of a new generation of Belarusians and Russians.

During the forum the sides are expected to sign about 70 agreements. For the first time, agreements were reached at the forum between deputies of various levels. The inter-parliamentary council is working actively too.

Marianna Schetkina, Deputy Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
We will now analyze industrial legislation which today hinders the progress of certain areas. We will identify areas in which we will act. We will see how the equal rights of citizens are realized, what needs to be done with that old legislation and outline some new ways of its development.

The Belarusian side expects to return from Moscow with a package of contracts worth $400 million. But for now it's too early to talk about figures. There is one more productive day ahead.

The forum of regions will be visited by the heads of state of Belarus and Russia.

This very platform remains one of the most effective forms of integration of the Union State.