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Belarusian medication to be presented at Forum of Regions in Moscow

About a dozen of Belarusian pharmacological organizations will present their products at the fourth Forum of Region of Belarus and Russia. Russian colleagues will get acquainted with Belarusian products during the Days of Belarusian Science. These days are planned within the Forum of Regions.

The pharmacological sector in Belarus is keeping up well and every year expands the production line. At the moment scientists are orientated at producing generics; these are analogue medications, which are equivalent to original medications. What is more, their price is several times lower.

Dmitry Demid, head of clinic-therapeutic medicinal forms production department at a pharmacological plant:
Not only a certain package of documents is necessary for the market where the medication will be sold, but clinical tests on bioequivalence s necessary as well. Modern requirements make us correspond to the level. Even if it seems that a generic is cheap, believe me, it is proved by scientists that it is an analogue to the original and isn’t worse.

Belarusian medication is widely presented at the CIS market. Pharmacological plants of Belarus today export medication to practically all regions of the Russian Federation.

Belarusian medication to be presented at Forum of Regions in Moscow