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Young Belarusian designer devours Paris

Young Belarusian designer devours Paris Belarusian youth doesn’t stop surprising. A creative designer from Mogilev impressed the world fashion capital. A student of Mogilev Economic Professional Technical College presented his collection “Provokator. Without face” in Paris.

One won’t be able to put this outfits easily, it will take ten minutes at least.

Multilayering is a new trend. A couple of years ago it was known as cabbage, today it is stylish. The peculiarity of this collection is that there are no collars and there are long sleeves. It is difficult for lovers of classics to understand it. While the models are doing up the last buttons and are taking selfies, the young designer is putting cellar tape on their faces. The emotion of the look is remembered in fashion. The brighter the better.

Igor Pletnev, fashion designer, student of Mogilev Economic Professional Technical College:
So that models do not interfere, I decided to put tape on their eyes and mouths. It is interesting for the public.

Igor went to Paris after being successful at Melnitsa Mody project. The task of this collection is to astonish and shock people. The clothes are made from cotton and waterproof materials. The idea to create a collection like this one came ti Igor’s mind when he saw three stacked one into one plastic cups.

Igor Pletnev:
These cups were my inspiration. Somewhere there are two eyes, somewhere there is a mouth, unusual shapes in interesting interpretations.

Foreign colleges praised the collection of the Belarusian designer. The clothes “not for everyone” got students from Igor's college interested.

 Evgeny Roshchin, student of Mogilev Economic Professional Technical College:
It is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Ivan Tyurin, a student of Mogilev Economic Professional Technical College:
It is something new. The fashion industry must develop. I suppose that it is a good outfit for the future.

Ordinary Mogilev residents were surprised to see a collection like this one. Such clothes are more for the podium. Igor thinks that in some 50 years’ time the fashion will change dramatically.

Igor Pletnev:
People will not want to wear slim fit clothing. Everything will be straight. As for the materials, they will be ordinary and unusual as rubber, plastic, film, maybe.

Igor dedicated his diploma work to jackets. In a month he will be a professional fashion designer. Then he is planning to make a new collection “Poppies”. Paris gave him the idea.

Young Belarusian designer devours Paris