Vietnam President about Belarus’ support in national liberation


Vietnam President about Belarus’ support in national liberation

Belarus and Vietnam are planning to earn about 0.5 billion dollars. These are the financial plans for the nearest couple of years.

Alexander Lukashenko and Trần Đại Quang discussed the perspectives of bilateral cooperation on June 27, 2017.The Palace of Independence is the place of the main negotiations. The high guest was met according to all canons of diplomacy.

Alexander Lukashenko greeted his Vietnamese colleague.

After that the anthems of Belarus and Vietnam were played. The participation of the guard of honor gave the ceremony special solemnity.

The leaders of the countries began with a one-on-one conversation. From the first minutes of the meeting it became clear that

the Presidents are aiming at developing cooperation.

Close economic and political ties unite Belarus and Vietnam. They are planning to hold this course in the future as well.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus has always been there for a long time, especially in the difficult periods of the Vietnamese history.

Every person of your country remembers well the last war and remembers the price you paid for freedom and independence.

We remember and we know about this, because we were together with you on the Vietnamese land. Even after this cruel war we tried our best to help our Vietnamese brothers in the reconstruction of the country, the restoration of the national economy, normalization of life. You should know that

Belarus has always been and will always be committed to such a relationship and a similar course.

Belarus hopes for the prospects of our relations, to trade between our countries, to politically good relations. You can always rely on us.

Trần Đại Quang, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam:
When Vietnam fought for national liberation, Belarus supported us, and

we are thankful for this and treasure these feelings.

What we have done is a platform for strengthening and expanding our ties. I am prepared to discuss all measures on expanding our cooperation - not only in the field of economy, defense and security. I want to draw your attention to the development of trade and economic ties between Belarus and Vietnam.

Negotiations continued in an expanded format.

The accent is made on economic cooperation.

Belarus suggests projects in engineering, construction of urban infrastructure. It is alo ready to increase the fertilizer and machinery export. Regional cooperation is paid special attention too.

The two sides cross-checked external policies.

The Vietnamese side, in turn, noted the similarity of the positions of the two countries in the world arena and mutual support.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As for Belarus’ presence on the Vietnamese markets, it is necessary to say that first steps which should be paid attention to have been made.

By the end of 2017 it is planned to create in a joint production facility to assemble MAZ trucks in Vietnam. City passenger buses are in plan as well.

Further mutually beneficial cooperation of BelAZ with Vietnamese corporation and other companies will give an additional impulse to the development of the Vietnamese economy.

Belarusian specialists from different companies may be involved in infrastructure projects for the construction of metro, tunnels, as well as the oil and minerals of Vietnam. 

 What is more, the representative office of "Minskmetroproekt" is already open and working in Vietnam, it is prepared to undertake projects of any difficulty. Why don't we design metro stations "Minsk" in Hanoi, and "Belarus" in Ho Chi Minh City?

Successful experience and good prospects are ahead of us in military-technical cooperation.

The joint work of business associations of Belarus and Vietnam, and the national chambers of commerce and industry must become a key link in the process of building stable business connections.

As a result many agreements were signed. Belarus and Vietnam found common language in many sectors. In the nearest future it will permit to move Belarusian products forward to states members of the ASEAN and the EEU.

The main results of the meeting were stated in the final statement signed by the two Presidents.

At the end of the meeting Trần Đại Quang planted a tree in the Alley of Honored Guests; President Lukashenko participated in the ceremony as well.