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Minsk prepares for Independence Day

The rhythm of movement– 120 steps per second, the speed of machinery – 18 kilometers per hour. This is how Minsk is preparing for Independence Day. This year spectators will be able to see new artillery and combat vehicles. Modern Belarusian musical compositions will be performed as well. However, the parade on Independence Day is not only military machinery. It is a real show with its own scenario and director.

One month is given to rehearse the day. During this period movements and the overall picture is thought through every day.

As many as 2,500 people are taking part in the performance “Krasui, Belarus”. Among these people are university students and participants of various creative groups of Belarus.

At the beginning of the rehearsals it looks like a badly organized flash mob. However, on the big day in costumes and completely ready the performance will turn into a live picture with state symbols, which will be a good end of Independence Day.

Minsk prepares for Independence Day