How do pregnant CTV presenters and journalists work?

How do pregnant CTV presenters and journalists work?

Heroic deeds of men were recognized in all times. However, being a mother is no less heroic. They show heroism in TV life. Pregnant women on air.

Hardly has the sun risen she is, she rushes to tell the country the first news. As early as 6am, an ordinary day for Yekaterina Litvinova.

Yekaterina Litvinova, CTV presenter:
It was scary when I was alone. Now that there are two of us it is a lot better.

And she is not talking about the director or the operator. TV viewers will likely not even notice it.

Yekaterina Litvinova:
You present good news, and then somebody lets you know that he likes the news as well.

Being pregnant, nothing in her work has changed.

Yekaterin Litvinova:
I used to wear this dress before; now it is too small for me.

Yekaterina Litvinova is a successful model, the first beauty of the country, Miss Belaus-2006. Yekaterina says that it is easy to become a supermodel, but difficult to be a supermum though.

Yekaterina Litvinova:
Figure can be lost and returned for this happiness.

The TV presenter doesn’t want to leave work just yet.

Yekaterina Litvinova:
Until the ambulance arrives.

Nina Bogdanova is a mother of two boys, and remembers her “TV” pregnancy as one of the most interesting periods of her life.

Nina Bogdanova, CTV presenter:
I was keeping it a secret for a long time; I had to put a folder up so no one sees my stomach. However, everyone found out that I was pregnant when the baby was kicking this very folder.

The TV drive for the two sons of Nina was only beneficial for them.

Nina Bogdanova:
Being pregnant in the Soviet times meant that you won’t be seen on TV. Today it is a loyal time, when the attitude to pregnancy is not like to an illness. It is even fashionable.

The birth of Anna Anisimova-Sarmont’s children happened to take place when each of the three seasons of Singing Cities began.

Anna Anisimova-Sarmont:
I felt that interesting people were around me. Bright decorations, talented people from singing cities.

It is not surprising that Anna continues to work both at home and TV kitchen.

Anna Anisimova-Sarmont:
We are now expecting our fourth baby.

Yekaterina Zabenko is on the last month of pregnancy and can have the baby at any moment.

Yekaterina Zabenko:
I have all chances to give birth on the air.

Till the very last month of her pregnancy she made CTV viewers happy. And she did quite well being the head of the "Minsk in detail" program.

Yekterina Zabenko:
I thought that it would be interesting to tell my child to watch himself live. All the videos are saved on

It is intereting to know that Yekaterina herself was born in this very maternity home.

Yekaterina Zabenko:
If I knew that it is so good to give birth, I would have had a baby earlier. It turned out that I had to get pregnant myself to feel all this wellbeing. It is good and easy to be pregnant.

Yekaterina will soon find out how easy or not it is to be a mother.

Yekaterina Zabenko:
That’s it, guys, I need to go now.

Being pregnant women put their high-heeled shoes aside, put on things that the do not like. They are even ready to sacrifice their career. The main function of a woman is to become a mother.