Angola Foreign Minister about cooperation with Belarus


Angola Foreign Minister about cooperation with Belarus

Belarus is interested in expanding cooperation with African states. It was stated by President Lukashenko on June 26, 2017 during a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Angola Georges Rebelo Pinto Chicoti.

Belarus and Angola have long-standing relations. The diplomatic contacts of the countries are 22 years old. However, cooperation activated only in the recent couple of years.

The unrealized potential and how to improve the situation were discussed in the Independence Palace on June 26, 2017.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Of course, Belarus doesn’t know Africa from the practical point of view quite well yet. However, we would like to work on this prospective continent – the continent of future. Like any other country, just as Belarus does, we chose those countries on which we could count on. Angola is one of those countries; maybe it is even the first one on the list. After gaining Independence in 1975, Belarus actively supported Angola, helped the country and the major military personnel was represented by Belarusian military district.

If you do not mind, Belarus would like to start with Angola on the African continent. Therefore, dear Foreign Minister, there are no taboo subjects for our cooperation whatsoever. Belarus is happy to help on any issues, which are of interest to you and the issues we can help you with. You must visit Belarus, visit the plant you are interested in and see for yourselves in what way Belarus can be useful for Angola.

Georges Rebelo Pinto Chicoti, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Angola:
I am pleased to say that from the moment of accreditation of the Belarusian Ambassador to Angola, after we met at the audience of the President of Angola, we finally understood what big potential we will miss and what we are lacking. Therefore, we are seriously aiming at activating cooperation with Belarus.