Video: First dress rehearsal of Independence Day parade in Minsk


Video: First dress rehearsal of Independence Day parade in Minsk

The first dress rehearsal for the parade in honor of Independence Day. Long before July 3, almost 4,000 Belarusian servicemen are honing their skills. About 220 pieces of equipment will be used in the 2017 parade.

Among them are novelties of the Belarusian military industry - armored cars Caiman and Volat. The column will be almost three kilometers long.

Sergei Ivanov, First Deputy Military Commandant of the Minsk Military Commandant's Office:
We involved more personnel to participate in the parade this year. There will be new units: a ceremonial squad of territorial defense troops. Traditionally, there will be a salute with 30 volleys from 6 points of Minsk. The fireworks start at 11pm.

Traditionally, the parade will be opened by Suvorov School students. The troops will carry the Banner of Victory, the banners of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Belarusian and 1st Baltic fronts, who liberated Belarus from Nazi invaders. For the first time, all service branches will take part in the parade. Leading the mechanized column will be legendary T-34 and T-85 tanks.

I came with my child to look at such a beautiful parade. He very much wants to look at the machinery and at what is happening. It was very beautiful! The guys are doing well.

I like the fact that we can see everything from a close distance.

Everything is very interesting. And we are glad that we are developing. We are proud for the country.

The military parade will finish with a concert of the guard of honor. More than a hundred soldiers will show dozens of new drill techniques and virtuosic elements with weapons. The final rehearsal will be held in Minsk on June 28.

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