Minsk testing 30-meter 400-seat tram

Minsk testing 30-meter 400-seat tram

A modern next-gen tram is being tested in Minsk. The stylish tram was developed by one of Belarusian developers.

The new model of urban passenger transport was tested near vulica Bataničnaja, at the local tram depot.

The length of the tram is more than 30 meters; it can seat about 400 people.

The parameters are impressive! There is no analogue to such a tram in the entire Customs Union. It is low-floor and fully equipped with air conditioning system. Soon 23 such tramcars will be export to St. Petersburg.

30-метровый трамвай на 400 мест обкатывают в Минске

Alexey Kovetsky, deputy director - constructor of a machine-building enterprise:
It has two control cabins, which allows operating the tram without resorting to turning loops.