Foreign diplomats take part in Belarusian Vyshyvanka Day

Foreign diplomats take part in Belarusian Vyshyvanka Day

Ambassadors to Belarus from various countries have tried embroidered Vyshyvanka T-shirts on. On the eve of Independence Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to familiarize representatives of the diplomatic corps with traditions and culture of Belarusians more closely.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs together with his wife met all guests of the even in person. By their clothes you can understand the reason why they gathered here today.

The dress code for this day was unusual: shirts and T-shirts with Belarusian ornaments, called Vyshyvanka.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Vyshyvanka has always been trendy and has always been popular. I remember, in my childhood I wore a similar handmade shirt, which my mother made.

The national ornament of Belarus is an invariable white background, imbued with a pattern that is believed to have a protective force.

Igor Kizim, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Republic of Belarus:
The most important difference is that the Belarusian vyshyvankas have more straight angles. In Ukraine, we have flourishes while you have exclusively squares. The colors are the same: red with black, white with blue, white with blue and black.

Today, to create this beauty manufacturers use a variety of colors, even dark shades. At the meeting, the diplomats saw a whole line of clothes with Belarusian ornaments. Its concept is national motives on things that you can wear every day.

Vera Polyakova-Makei, wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
I now see increasingly often that Belarusians wear embroideries. You arrive somewhere on vacation and immediately see that this is a Belarusian. Even on the beach, you see them in embroidered swimming trunks.

In 2016 Vyshyvanka Day was celebrated in Belarus for the first time, after which it was decided it would become a tradition.

Vladimir Makei:
Vyshyvanka for us is a symbol. The ornament of this shirt never preached violence and evil. It has always preached peace, good and calm.

Diplomats, inspired by this meeting, offered to organize another such meeting, with the only exception: every ambassador will wear own national clothes.