Alexander Lukashenko congratulates university graduates at Republican Graduation Ball

Alexander Lukashenko congratulates university graduates at Republican Graduation Ball

Hopes for dynamic development in all spheres of life in Belarus are connected with youth. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko during the Republican Ball of the Graduates from Higher Educational Establishments.

A few hundred people were invited to Republican Ball of the Graduates from Higher Educational Establishments which was held in Minsk on June 23, 2017.

Alexandra Ganatovskaya, graduate of Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin:
It was a surprise for me. Dresses, shoes, I do not even know what you need to wear there.

You straight away want to thing every detail of your outfit so that it is perfect.

Graduates of 2017 will remember this day for a long time. Girls in beautiful dresses and boys wearing suits with bows or ties.

Celebrities of the Cannes Festival walk on a similar red carpet. However, today starts of Belarusian universities are there. Starts in studies, activists and scholars of special funds have all gathered here.

Evgeny Lavrinyuk can boast of his studies. Just before the Ball he is developing a production line of boiled sausages. He is interested in meat, dairy, and bread industries. A few large plants have already shown interest in his developments.

Evgeny Lavrinyuk, graduate of Brest State Technical University:
It is one of the most prospective, important and popular sectors in Belarus.

This sector requires constant development and modernization. And I can build my career here.

Vlad Makarevich is worried as never before.

Vlad Makarevich, graduate of the Belarusian State University:
I bought a tie yesterday.

The preparation for the Ball was far more serious. Vlad said that he was getting ready for the day all the four years of him studying at the university.

Vlad Makarevich:
In the period of my studies at the university I got three scholarships from the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Yanka Kupala personal scholarship. At the end of year four I found out that I am invited to the Ball.

On June 23, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko traditionally came to congratulate the graduates, give them advice and give further guidance for adult life.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
You are justifying the trust of your teachers and parents with dignity. Everything you have today is not only your merit. But it is the merit of your teachers and parents as well. It is all down to you now.

You are the most important for your teachers and parents in life; you are embodiment of targets and plans for the future.

Belarus has hopes for dynamic development of all sectors of life which are connected with intelligent and energetic people as you are.

Tomorrow you will go to an industrial, agricultural plant, to schools, medical centers, to design bureus and scientific laboratories; you will show your talents in art and culture. Some of might establish a business and will become prominent entrepreneurs. All the conditions have been created for everyone’s’ possibilities to be realized. Don’t worry, it will be so. However, you must remember that it will all depend on you.

Youth is one of the most important priorities of state policy; youth shouldn’t be afraid of difficult tasks, set ambitious aims and make them come true. Setting A target is half of the deed. Of a right task.

Remember, Belarus needs you, because your home is here. We expect active efforts from you.

We will always help and support you. However, if anyone takes the risks and goes abroad we will have nothing against it. You should remember, though, that there is no place like home. Yes, you might be given more money, about which the talks are lately. The may give it to you but they won’t give you the most important thing - you won’t have native land under your feet. It costs a lot, you know. And when you enter adult life, you will feel it.

As many as 15 graduates received awards from the President: doctors, IT specialists, economists, musicians.

Young, beautiful, clever and talented people gathered for the 2017 Ball.

Natalia Voronets, graduate of Baranovichi State University:
It was very interesting for me. The five years I studied at the university passed very quickly but I remembered them all.

I chose this profession and university because I wanted to. I wanted to be a teacher, I love children.

Happy and successful. Very soon they will have to look for their own place in the sun.