Alexander Lukashenko meets CEI Foreign Ministers


Alexander Lukashenko meets CEI Foreign Ministers

The fourth terrorist act in London in four months. Brussels is once again in panic-suicide bomber shot at a railway station. Dozens of people killed in Afghanistan and dozens of people killed in Pakistan.

And another terrorist attack…

If it carries on as it, the mass media will stop telling people about such events.

New threats, migrant flows, terrorism are becoming a reality of a European life. However, it does not only concern the EU, but the whole of Europe. It makes Belarus cooperate in order to provide stability in the region. The upcoming OSCE Parliamentary session is to take place in Minsk in two weeks’ time. And another meeting of Foreign Ministers from Central and Eastern Europe has already taken place on June 18, 2017 in Minsk.

Belarus holds the chairmanship in the CEI today. Official Minsk has always been for the philosophy of multifactorality of foreign affairs. Without banknotes. This is the character of President Lukashenko; this is Belarus’ approach to foreign policy.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Let’s be honest, I really want this honesty. I am a concrete and an open person, I like it when people are honest with me. Sometimes it is not diplomatic, but is humanlike, and this is what I expect from this meeting.

At the meeting with President Lukashenko, European politicians discussed modern challenges of today: from terrorism to migration issues; and many stereotypes are being eliminated.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary:
We need good relations between the West and the East. The CEI is like a bridge between us. Belarus’ role is very important in this matter. Belarus is a member of the EurAsEc from the one hand, and from the other it develops cooperation with Europe. I would like to pay special attention to it.

The initiatives of Belarus are to strengthen the eastern dimension of the CEI, to simplify trade with Europe, move to common standards, develop transport and logistics, and simplify customs procedures, sanitary standards.

Alexander Lukashenko:
For Belarus it is both important to develop cooperation with the East and the West, without having to make a choice between them. The reality of today is the countries which are geographically between Europe and Asia, they need to take more responsibility on themselves in providing regional stability. Therefore, it doesn’t cost anything at times. The fact whether our countries will become a dividing line between world strength centers or whether they will be their links depends on us. Not new iron curtains should be hung up today, we should all be building bridges between integration structures on the continent, Through an equal dialogue and a complete economic cooperation real Greater Europe can be established, which will guarantee peace, security and prosperity for the generations yet to come.

Besides Belarus, there are 17 more members of the CEI. It is about 60% of export for Belarus. However, the economic component can be strengthened only when the international policy is predictable.