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Belarus President announces forthcoming measures to liberalize business climate

Nationwide issues will be decided by the President with the participation of his Administration. On June 23, Alexander Lukashenko announced a new format. A serious conversation was announced which will touch on housing and communal services and agriculture.

As Alexander Lukashenko stressed, the entire vertical of authorities must discuss the solution of the main problems with the participation of the President once a quarter.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
There are many such questions, starting with improving the housing and communal services - we agreed on the example of the city-hero of Minsk. We must hold such a meeting in the near future and tell the whole country how we will work in this area and in what direction the housing and communal services will be developing. Naturally, we need serious optimization, work with costs, we need to reach low tariffs, so that people are not offended by the tariffs for housing and communal services. For this it is necessary to improve the situation in the housing and communal services and the style of work there.

Agriculture is a similar topic. We agreed that we would return to this issue in the autumn, after the harvesting campaign.

The state of affairs in education will also be analyzed in the near future. The main issues must be resolved by September 2017.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The third topic is education. We need to dot the i's and cross the t's in education in August and determine when we will solve the problems that remain, for example, textbooks - when, where, to what extent we will issue new textbooks and publish them. This is one of the problems. There are others. This is for a broad discussion.

We also need to discuss with some of you a number of issues, for example, I would mention the so-called liberalization of business initiative. We must discuss this task, with a decision to be taken at the President's level.

At the current meeting, the head of state demanded that participants not read the prepared reports, but raise the issues that really require discussion and decision at the highest level.

President to make decisions on problems of national scale, Alexander Lukashenko says