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Local authorities in Belarus should handle people's problems better, Head of Presidential Administration says

Local authorities should more effectively build relations and work with citizens' appeals and more swiftly solve people's problems, said the Head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus.

Natalia Kochanova is holding receptions of citizens in various regions of the country to check how local authorities work with people and to consider individual cases.

The most frequent issues worrying Belarusians are land disputes, housing and communal services, non-enforcement of rulings and business development.

Some come to the head of the Presidential Administration as the last resort in their particular life situations.

However, a number of problems raised could be solved at the local level.

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
We understand that this is their last resort. People turn to the head of state in the hope that they will be helped, they will be heard. We keep track of all the appeals that come to us.

Local authorities must understand what people are concerned about. It is necessary to understand people, hear their pain points.

Such receptions of the head of the Presidential Administration give a good opportunity to evaluate the work of local authorities and this practice will continue in Belarus.

Head of Presidential Administration: Local authorities' work with people must be improved