What can Babushkina Krynka dairy plant offer tourists?


What can Babushkina Krynka dairy plant offer tourists?

 Medical, industrial and gastronomic tours can become popular in Belarus. It was discussed during the briefing day held in Belynichi on June 21, 2017.

Presenters of the CTV Channel, participants of the “Love classics” project and celebrities visited the dairy plant Babushkina Krynka.

CTV Director General Yuri Koziyatko spoke about how Belarus can attract foreign guests.

First, the guests are acquainted with the production (there are things to show). The Belynichi branch of “Babushkina Krynka” specializes on the production of cheese. The plant is the flagman of Mogilev region, it branches were visited by President Lukashenko several times. The products were always praised.

Belynichi branch produces more than 30 kinds of cheese, 20 tonnes per day.

Yuri Prokopenko, CTV:
Belynichi cheese sells like hot cakes in Belarusian shops. “Maaasdamer”, “Beaufort”, “Groytser extra” are well known abroad as well. Most of the produced cheeses are exported to Russia. Belarusian cheese is popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The European market is full of different varieties of cheese. However, Belarusian cheese made it to the luxury category straight away. Belynichi cheese got to “cheese Michelin” stars in Brussels.

Now foreigners want to see who makes this cheese.

Due to the visa free regime, the plant is thinking about holding excursions there. CTV management and employees were among the first ones to get the real taste of Belarus.

Yuri Koziyatko, CTV Director General:
Belarusian dairy products are loved all over the world. Cheese and milk are in demand in nearly all the countries.

Belarusians eat it all themselves, but they do not know how it is produced.

We were shown how it is done at Belynichi branch of “Babushkina Krynka”. We came here to tell about the tourist possibilities of Belarus, how great Belarus is and what modern production it has. Now it is clear why Belarusian dairy products is loved in most of the countries.

Olga Burlakova, CTV presenter:
It is interesting to find out how and from what it is made. These are completely different emotions, When I return home, I’ll buy this wonderful cheese in a shop and I will now know how it is produced.

I think that it will be even  tastier than before.

Visiting the plant is part of the briefing day plan. The meetings with workers are always beneficial. This time they spoke about Belarus being a tourist country with Yuri Koziyatko. The production of cheese it is something interesting that one can see in Belarus. MTZ and BelAZ plants have already organized industrial tourism.

Dairy products are another thing that Belarus can be proud of.

You will not always see something like this abroad.

Tamara Goleta, head of Belynichi branch of “Babushkina Krynka” dairy company:
This briefing day is held for the first time like this, with a concert and famous people.

People liked everything, everyone was happy.

Tourism means love to a country as well, because the best is on display. CTV is one of the organizers of the “Living Classics” competition. The children were at the meeting as well. When children are reciting poetry, it is worth hearing it for yourselves.

Then there was a small concert under the brand of “Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs”.

Eduard Khanok, People's Artist of Belarus:
It is relaxation for me, because I come here with immense pleasure.

I perform with success because it is important for me.

It turned out that real professionals and artistic people work at this plant. There many small sculptures on the territory of the company. It all goes well the ideal cleanness and modernized production. Tourists will surely enjoy such a mini museum under the open sky.