Belarus, China sign cooperation agreements

Belarus, China sign cooperation agreements

Minsk and Beijing are opening new horizons of cooperation – agriculture, innovations, tourism. A few agreements were signed today by the Minsk Department of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the China Association of Trade in Services as well. The documents were signed by representatives of the two countries at the business forum.

As many as 20 companies are in the Chinese delegation, which are interested in joint projects in food industry and medicine.

What is more, negotiations of the Beijing holding company are planned with Belarusian colleagues. Belarus is represented by about fifty Minsk plants.

Lucia Lee, deputy chairwoman of CCPIT in Beijing:
The relations between Belarus and China are very important. Minsk and Beijing are friendly cities. I am convinced that thanks to these agreements we will continue our fruitful cooperation between our countries. Including the construction of the Great Stone Industrial Park. During the day and the forum, it will be presented where Chinese representatives will discuss the possible participation in financing different plants.

Alexander Fedorchuk, director general of the Minsk Department of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
It is important for the signed documents to have a working direction, not a programme document. We hope that that further negotiations and contacts will take place. What is more, the commodity circulation in 2017 was positive if to compare with 2016. Hopefully, today’s event will put a path through the development.

It is necessary to say that the commodity circulation between Belarus and China in January-February 2017 summed up to more than 430 million dollars. It is 130% plus to the same period in 2016.