Belarus' KGB holds anti-terrorist drills at National Airport Minsk

Belarus' KGB holds anti-terrorist drills at National Airport Minsk

The main air harbor of Belarus, National Airport Minsk, turned into a site for KGB drills on June 20. According to legend, a group of violators captured the aircraft in the air. After landing, demands were made for a bus and a corridor for crossing the border.

It was decided to release the hostages by force.

According to legend, the terrorists captured the aircraft in the air. Accompanied by the fighters, the charter landed at the National Airport Minsk. After several hours of negotiations, new conditions appeared.

Maxim Slizh, CTV:
According to the plan the terrorists were divided into two groups. One stayed on the plane and the other moved to the bus. The main condition: if at least one of the groups is liquidated, all the hostages will die.

The transport was provided, and the task for the capture group became more complicated.

The special forces did not have any other option but to storm the two targets simultaneously. In a few seconds, the entrance is free.

Taking part in the operation in addition to the KGB's division Alfa were soldiers from the army of special operations, rescuers and doctors.

Sergei Reutovich, head of the counterterrorism department of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The task was carried out synchronously, which requires special skills and accurate timing. The goal of these tactical drills was to create a reliable shield for aviation security - and it was achieved.

Since 2004, there have been only four cases related to false bomb reports or attempted capture of an aircraft in Belarus' civil aviation.

And all these were of a criminal nature, not a terrorist one.

Vladimir Kostin, Director of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus:
Acts of unlawful influence on civil aviation in the world are numerous. All this is done to ensure that our citizens are confident that today everyone who uses aviation will be reliably protected in case of unforeseen circumstances. And for this we have all the forces and means.

This is necessary, and this is the requirement of the World Civil Aviation, in which Belarus is a member.

The exercises proved that Belarus has developed and operates its own system of combating any attempt of terrorist threats. But the main thing, which is emphasized by statistics, is preventive work, because such operations are an extreme measure.

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