How will Belarus liberalize business climate in 2017?

How will Belarus liberalize business climate in 2017?

Belarus will further improve business climate in 2017, but make sure that unfair businessmen can be held accountable.

To resolve these issues a working group was set in January 2017 up under the leadership of the Head of the Presidential Administration. During half a year, the specialists conducted large-scale work and prepared a package of normative legal acts. Among them is the Decree on the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Elimination of Excessive Requirements for Business.

First, it is a conscious step towards reducing mandatory sanitary and fire requirements. Only 58 items will remain instead of previous 600.

Secondly, businessmen will now be free from complicated procedures for obtaining certificates, approvals and permits. Soon, the so-called 'notification procedure' will be introduced through an Internet portal or the "one window" service.

Piotr Arushanyants, Director of Entrepreneurship Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
I would like to note the progress in significant reduction of fire, environmental and veterinary requirements. But at the same time it does not mean worse services provided. Simply put we eliminate duplicate functions during control activities.

All these ways of liberating businesses were also discussed in society. In total, about three hundred proposals were received. Thus Belarus intends to reduce the number of licensed activities, create favorable conditions for trade, catering and consumer services. It is necessary to regulate control and supervisory activities too, and, first of all, reduce the number of inspections. This was repeatedly stressed by the Belarus Head of State. In particular, planned inspections will be canceled altogether. Only unplanned checks will remain as well as those justified by the law, for example in criminal cases. Tax advisers will also appear.