Interior Ministry Trapshooting Championship kicks off in Belarus


Interior Ministry Trapshooting Championship kicks off in Belarus

The open Trapshooting Championship of the Ministry of Internal Affair of the Republic of Belarus started near Minsk. This sport is paid due attention to, it is on the programme of the Second European Games which will be held in Belarus in 2019.

Are the representatives of law enforcement agencies ready to be part of team Belarus?

Igor Shunevich, Minister if Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Shooting culture today in the Ministry and in Belarus is not at its best now, I think. We want to make this championship traditional. It is open today, everyone who wished to could take part in it.

Shooters from 15 teams represented law enforcement and civil agencies.

The competition is held according to European standards– 100 shots from a person. The best participants are qualified for the final, where the sharpest shooter is chosen.

Alexander Volkov, master judge of the open trapshooting championship of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus:
The targets which seem to be light and fly close at a low speed may be even more difficult than a far target at a high speed.

It is necessary to shoot a flying target from a 12 bore plain-barrel gun like this one. However, it has to be done practically blindfolded.

The secret of striking the target is to press the trigger timely.

To do that, you must count the distance and the speed of the shot. By the way, trapshooting is known well by hunters.

Alexander Volkov:
Trapshooting imitates wild hunting.

The run of a hare, the rise of a pheasant, the flight of a goose.

Alexander has been working at the State Inspectorate for Fauna and Flora Protection for eight years now. He was an investigator for a long time, caught poachers. Nevertheless, he tries to keep up his shooting skills.

Alexander Dragun, head of the department of the State Inspectorate for Fauna and Flora Protection under the President of the Republic of Belarus:
A hunter is the first person who protects nature. The rules of hunting slightly changed in Belarus in 2014, the rules concerning criminal and administrative activities were stiffened.

The number of serious violations decrease in the last three years.

Aleksandr jokes that if he wins the championship, he will then try to qualify for the European Games.