Belarus to discuss key issues in relations with Russia in near future


Belarus to discuss key issues in relations with Russia in near future

The upcoming meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Belarus-Russia Union State should be effective and give practical results, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko today during a working meeting with State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota.

The agenda of the forthcoming meeting was in the center of attention.

The key issues of the relationship between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus will be reviewed, as well as trade and economic relations, the social sphere and the engineering complex of the two countries.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
This is a very important event. This is a meeting of the presidents one-on-one and a broad format of negotiations, decision-making. The agenda is formulated. I have not seen such really practical questions on the agenda for a long time: the development of machine-building, agriculture, the agro-industrial complex in general, and other problems of a political and foreign policy nature.

We need to prepare the event, so that it brings us forward at least one step in our relations in practical aspects. It's necessary that this event be effective.

After the meeting it became known that Belarus and Russia will create a single database on the movement of agricultural products and their quality. In addition, it is planned to pay more attention to the fight against counterfeit products.

Grigory Rapota, State Secretary of the Belarus-Russia Union State:
The fact is that we need to create a single information system. We've long talked about this. For now the issue has not been solved. This will remove many contradictions. Or, for example, we raised the topic of counterfeit products.

Some companies find out that someone is making counterfeit products under their brands. It does not meet the quality standards. Rosselkhoznadzor has complaints, it turns out that those are the products of the wrong enterprise.

In 2017, the meeting of the Supreme State Council coincides with the 4th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia. Experts note such a format contributes to the further development of integration processes.

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