Handpans gaining popularity in Belarus

Handpans gaining popularity in Belarus

Playing the handpan is like meditation or something otherworldly and attractive. It's easy to learn and you don't actually have to have music education.

Ivan 'Xangmeleon' Krivonos, musician:
It has a unique sound that does not resemble anything. When I hear it, I cannot understand whether it's a piano playing, whether it's a chorus, or a saxophone. Just the other day I heard this instrument in the subway and it seemed to me that it really was a saxophone. But that was a handpan.

Some people confuse the concepts of hang and handpan, but in fact it is the same acoustic instrument. Everyone thinks that if the instrument that looks like a flying saucer is necessarily a hang.

Only Swiss craftsmen can name their instruments Hang, while other similar instruments are simply called handpans.

Ivan 'Xangmeleon' Krivonos, musician, author of a creative workshop:
The instrument appeared in 2000 and the masters named it hang, from a German dialect this means "hand". In principle, we play on this instrument using our hands.

The popularity of handpans is due to the simplicity and the ability to constantly improvise. They are intuitive and the main thing is to understand how it works and use a few tricks.

Ivan Xangmeleon Krivonos:
Hang and handpan consist of two hemispheres, glued together by some strong adhesive. I know what everyone knows, I'm not the maker. One side is called "ding", while the opposite side is called gu". There's nothing inside, no wires, no batteries, no nothing. It's completely empty.

People of absolutely different ages are fond of playing handpans. The music which does not require qualification allows you to relax from everyday life, from the city, and take the nervous tension off.

Ivan Xangmeleon Krivonos:
It has a different effect in fact. It calms someone and you can literally convey this comfort. And it can excite someone if you want to convey these feelings of energy.  I play the handpan for my youngest child and he falls asleep.

Handpans are conquering Belarus with their soft sound.

Elena Ruzova:
The first time I heard hang on the Internet and then I saw how this musical instrument plays live. And I really, really liked it, because this music is cosmic. Then I saw the same things in other countries, people just play on the street. And when you hear it, it's impossible to pass by.