Makei: Interaction between Belarus and EU proves effective


Makei: Interaction between Belarus and EU proves effective

The Belarusian foreign minister, during his visit to Luxembourg, suggested that the policy of dialogue and interaction with Minsk be taken into account when preparing the Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit scheduled for autumn 2017.

Speaking at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EaP member countries Vladimir Makei cited concrete facts confirming the effectiveness of the policy of interaction between Belarus and the European Union.

Note that the EaP brings together former Soviet countries that are not part of the EU: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Mr Makei drew the attention of the event participants to the Belarusian idea to launch a new global peacekeeping process aimed at reaching an agreement on mutually acceptable conditions of coexistence with proper respect to the interests of small and medium size countries.

The minister stressed the importance of restoring trust between the states and preventing the emergence of new dividing lines. The Belarusian foreign minister spoke in favor of development of interaction between the Eurasian and European integration platforms.

The events will continue on June 20, with the participants to discuss counter-terrorism efforts.