Role of national ornament in Belarus increasing

Role of national ornament in Belarus increasing

Each championship or festival has its own logo. The next large-scale sporting event in Belarus will be the II European Olympic Games. They will be held in 2019 in Minsk and require a new symbol. Soon the competition will be announced, and there is no doubt that the image, the talisman will be imbued with Belarusian color.

National style is present in every country and today this trend is very popular in Belarus too. Even gray sewer hatches might be decorated with the national ornament in the future. Street lights in the center of Minsk were painted with national colors this week, too. Alena Syrova has the story.

Alena Syrova, correspondent:
Belarusian historical attributes became fashionable in Belarus a couple of years ago. Since then, the centuries-long "cipher" with national motifs has become an inalienable companion of Belarusians. And this is exactly the case when the trend harmoniously merges with reality.

Ornaments on the aprons of Minsk street lights in Pobeditelei Avenue appeared in metal almost 50 years ago. Elements of the legendary Slutsk belts became gray with time, and only now they "spoke" again in the language of color.

The national Belarusian motives, which have been present in the life of Belarusians for a long time, have jumped in popularity only recently. Now they have acquired new forms and ways of manifestation.

Larisa Gorbacheva, architect:
When you walk and suddenly see an ornament it somehow takes your attention.

Intricate patterns carry not only aesthetics but also magical powers: some wish success, some wish joy and so on. Thematic hatches with national ornaments will soon appear in Minsk. The embankment of the Sozh River in Gomel will be stylized in the same fashion.

Larisa Gorbacheva:
Everyone sees these hatches. We have proposed to cast something on these iron hatches, unobtrusively, but so that these things carry some message.

A healthy "Vyshyvanka fever" has affected almost every Belarusian. Cornflowers and Belarusian national ornament are trendy today.

Belarusian vyshyvanka has even brought profits to some producers.

Maria Raiskaya, the leading head of an international agency for social and marketing research:
A special device - eye tracker - watches the person's eyes and fixes where he or she looks in the first place. So we tested the packaging with the national Belarusian ornament. We came to the conclusion that the national ornament attracts a lot of attention both on packaging and on clothes. But we cannot say that the use of ornament alone guarantees 100% success.

One of agricultural machinery factories used some imagination and decorated their shop with national colors and ornaments.

Dmitry Anatlienko, production manager:
The director was going to work, saw this ornament, and then we came up with where to put it. This was not only a decorative idea, but also from the visual and national point of view... So that we know that we are Belarusians.
To stay in trend, many organizations re-branded their image with Belarusian identity in mind. For instance the Belarusian national team is now called Team Under White Wings and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Biathlon Federation have changed their logos accordingly.

But if you think about it, it's not about fashion and trends, but about desire not to lose touch with ancestors, and tell the world who we are.

Boris Lazuko, director of the Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
The value is in our world outlook, positive thinking and that is what this ornament gives. I now see a lot of young people in these vyshyvanka shirts and I am pleased. Vyshyvankas are worn by both the old and the young in Belarus.