Raimund Jehle: Belarusian food products of high quality

Raimund Jehle: Belarusian food products of high quality

Belarus and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization are planning cooperation in the field of scientific research. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of nutrition of the world's population.

Experts from 15 countries of Europe and Central Asia discussed the possible approaches to achieving these goals in Minsk on June 19. Leading scientists and specialists from Belarus took part in the forum.

Raimund Jehle, FAO Regional Strategic Programs Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia:
The agricultural sector in Belarus is very well developed. Progress in various sectors is noticeable, for example, I would mention the production of meat and dairy products. I even tried something myself today. Products of a very high quality.

FAO is interested in supporting countries in the agricultural sector. Also product safety is vital. It cannot be achieved without international cooperation. And we see a great contribution of Belarus in this direction.

Such a forum is held for the first time in Belarus. Over the course of two days, international experts will develop a strategy for the sustainable development of the former Soviet region and not only.