Belarusian ice cream to be exported to China

Belarusian ice cream to be exported to China

Santa Bremor will export Belarusian ice cream to a number of countries, including China. The first batch will go to that market as early as July 2017.

By the way, in 2017 Belarusian ice cream was exported even to Canada. Israel and Georgia also love it.

"Matias" in Belarus is actually "Santa Bremor". The company began fish business 19 years ago and conquered the world with it. However, now factories near Brest produce various products, including ice cream.

The brand says it has something to offer both Belarusians and foreigners.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV:
The sweetest is the ice cream shop. Seven production lines, 120 kinds, for every taste. 

Just imagine, 60 tons of finished products per day.

Santa Bremor has its own farms to produce the most delicious ice cream. Healthy food is now trendy, which is why Santa Bremor selects the most qualitative ingredients. Everything from feed to fat in milk is controlled.

Lyudmila Bobovich, engineer, Santa Bremor LLC:
By inventing this recipe for this ice-cream we wanted to improve the taste and quality of our product somewhat, despite our Yukki ice cream taking first places even in blind tastings.

We increased the mass fraction of fat to 15%, so we made it closer to a traditional ice cream. Earlier it had lower fat content, of 12%.

Belarusians are the main buyers of the food giant. Only 10% of products are exported. So it was with herring, so it will be with ice cream. But these 10% are enough to be popular. In the summer of 2017, the ice cream will be exported to Russia, Israel, Canada, and Georgia. The first contract was earlier signed with China.

Sergey Nedbaylov, director, Santa Bremor LLC:
The first container of Belarusian ice cream will be exported to the Republic of China literally in July.

According to our plans and arrangements, I think that this will be about 300 tons by the end of 2017.

Olesya Elina, Head of Marketing, Santa Bremor LLC:
Now we have a project called "Belovezhskaya Tale". We are releasing it for the Russian market, and there was a clear understanding of the product specification that the market needs at the moment.

A certain type of product - waffle cones, vanilla ice cream with a certain taste, the price was set too.

The new ice cream is the next premiere. In order to be a leader, you must always surprise, do what no one else dared to do. Santa Bremor pioneered the market of three-layer ice cream, the same goes for fruit ice and now the "creamy ice cream", the symbol of the future summer.