Infants in Belarus wear national oranments right from birth

Infants in Belarus wear national oranments right from birth

Volunteers from the BRSM Youth Union and the movement "Kind Heart" have presented infants from Mogilev the first gifts in their life - matinee coats with Belarusian national ornaments. 10 babies were born in the city's hospital on June 16. For them, embroidery is a kind of cipher, a message from our ancestors designed to protect.

The campaign to present the national ornaments is timed to Independence Day, which Belarus celebrates on July 3.

Tatiana Karpova, young mother:
My Dasha is a very calm child, like dad. She resembles me more.

Mom and Dad of Dasha prepared the girl's dresses in advance. But the family says they are happy to get such a cute national matinee with the national ornament.

BRSM activists and volunteers of "Kind Heart" movement bought these coats for their own money and then applied the national ornament. This is an ancient symbol that serves as a guard for Belarusians.

Young mom:
Very nice. Still, this is my baby's first gift!

Young mom:
It's so unexpected, it's from the heart.

Anna Dashkevich, second secretary of the regional committee of the NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" (BRSM):
The national ornament is not just for us. It symbolizes the sun, as the beginning of all life, the beginning of life. And we hope that these coats with ornament will serve not only as a small souvenir, a gift, but also as an amulet.

Over the last year, about 3,500 babies were born in the Mogilev city hospital. This is the result of state support and the confidence of parents in the future.

Pavel Skipor, Deputy Chief Physician of the Mogilev City Emergency Hospital:
The maternity hospital is being renovated. Block "B" is now under reconstruction. Upon its completion, the entire maternity hospital will be reconstructed too.

By July 3 volunteers promise to visit all the country's maternity homes, and present such cute coats to hundreds of babies across Belarus.