Belarus' Presidential Administration discussing modernization of large enterprises

Belarus' Presidential Administration discussing modernization of large enterprises

How to accelerate, simplify and reduce the cost of building and modernizing large industrial facilities? This was discussed at a meeting of the Head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Kochanova with a team of the Belarusian petrochemical plant in Novopolotsk on June 16.

Employees of the Novopolotsk enterprise suggest first of all establishing a feedback between those who issue technical acts and those who face problems in their practical implementation. In particular, it was a question when building a delayed coking unit. The social sphere also worries oil refiners. Novopolotsk residents received exhaustive answers to each question.

Nikolai Ovintsovsky, head of a Novopolotsk Refinery section:
We are interested in how our graduates can work after educational institutions. We want their knowledge and skills to be in demand.

Ludmila Shushpanaya, laboratory assistant, Novopolotsk petrochemical company:
I am primarily concerned with the number of doctors and specialists in our town.

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Of course, we will try to help to solve the issues that concern Novopolotsk. This is a question of creating the Allergy Center. Therefore, maybe this is relevant for this town. I have very good impressions. I like such working teams in which traditions have been developing over the years.

Meetings of officials and heads of competent services with collectives and people will henceforth become more systematic, Natalia Kochanova noted.