Alexander Lukashenko meets with CSTO members


Alexander Lukashenko meets with CSTO members

Energy security is one of the most important subjects on the agenda today. Powerful states do everything possible to control the sources of this energy.

Today there are many threats in the European region. Belarus may get indirectly involved into the processes due to political, geographical and economic reasons. Belarus is one of the members of the CIS.

The heads of defence establishments of the organization and heads of security councils visited Minsk this week. Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with them, where the importance of unity, collective responds to global and regional threats were discussed. Representatives of six countries in the CSTO and secretaries of the organization came to Minsk. The two delegations were invited to the Palace of Independence. The new CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov visited Belarus several times before.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We have a person from the Belarusian military district, served here many times before. Minsk and Belarus were not foreign in your destiny.

From details to the detailed development plan. President Lukashenko suggested six initiatives against world terrorism and drug trafficking, for stable migration situation and cooperation with regional structures, coordination of external political activities and strengthening peace-making potential.

Evgeny Pustovoy, political observer:
The task of the CSTO meating is peaceloving policy and stability in regions

Alexander Lukashenko:
I would really like to solve the problems we have ourselves. In Minsk, Moscow, Yerevan, in other countries of the CSTO. So that there is no influence from other countries, without foreign politburos and interference.

The organization has 200 million square kilometres of land under its responsibility., the “the unstable belt” made the countries even more closer. The Middle East exports radicalism and migration problems. Ukraine is still getting over the revolutionary import. Poland and the Baltic states accept arms on their territory.

Alexander Tikhansky, military and political expert:
Belarus borders with Lithuania, Poland, Latvia. These countries belong to NATO. We now see how the activeness of military forces on the territory of these countries is growing. One military drill finishes, the next one begins.

Belarus keeps to a defensive doctrine; however, it is always ready to prevent any kind of aggression.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You should have no doubts whatsoever in the action plan of Belarus; Armed Forces in the Western direction. We highly appreciate and value that Belarus is trusted to defend this direction by other states. We always carry out the events faithfully, so that our potential enemy wouldn’t even dare to think of saying that Belarus’ Army is not ready. Belarus joint group with Russia will reflect any threat.

Nevertheless, the religion of consumption today makes adepts of globalization values out of people. Hybrid wars find their victims even through the reality.

Yuri Khachaturov, CSTO Secretary General:
Within the framework of the 2016 operation, more than 11,000 information resources which threatened the CSTO were discovered.

Drug trafficking is another problem. More than 335 tonnes of drugs were detained since 2003.

Andrei Saladovnikov, deputy head of head of the main department on drugs control and counter-trafficking in persons of the Interior Ministry of Belarus:
Organized crime has no borders. They work quickly and effectively. Today we see that drugs are sold through the internet.

Belarus is among the top ten safest countries in Europe. The CSTO carries responsibility over the lives of 200 million people. President Lukashenko suggests increasing the number of collective operational deployment forces. To choose a collective pattern of actions.

Alexander Lukashenko:
If there are doubts, then let’s discuss them. If there is a necessity to help someone. However, I will ask to do it in a military way. Otherwise it will hold back the development of the CSTO and our joint efforts.

Scientists say that wars for pure water and food are ahead of us and Belarus is rich in it.

Belarus, Russia and Serbia held joint military drills this week to be ready to hit any geopolitical map with new world order and borders.