Ticket selling machine appears in Minsk metro


Ticket selling machine appears in Minsk metro

The Minsk metro now has its first self-service terminal for the sale of tokens (rounded plastic tickets for one ride). As an experiment, it was installed at the station Plošča Lienina from the side of the railway station.

The terminal accepts both banknotes and coins. However, you should have exact fare only: it cannot give a change.

If the novelty justifies itself, such devices will appear at other stations. By the way, about 300 tokens were sold through the terminal on the first day.

That's very convenient, you do not need to stand in lines. You come up, throw coins and get a token and go to the subway.

Igor Dadalko, head of the Minsk subway traffic service:
More than 50% use tokens for subway rides. Guests of the capital do not buy travel cards, as a rule. Therefore, we've introduced this machine, so that people feel more comfortable and don't have to queue.

На станции «Площадь Ленина» появился автомат для продажи жетонов