Will Belarus become large supplier of snails in Europe?

Will Belarus become large supplier of snails in Europe?

Snails do not tolerate heat and love wet weather. In general, the May 2017 in Belarus obviously pleased them, and that is why Belarus now has a lot of them. In general, Belarus can become the largest supplier of snails in Europe. In the last five years alone, Belarus has earned about 4 million euros exporting this delicacy.

Anzhelika Kostyukevich, owner of an agricultural farm:
They do not need any care. The grass grows, they eat it. They live in natural conditions. You go and gather a clean ecological product. If you close them, then they are given special compound feed.
Now the snails have started to be in demand. Of course, people began to show great interest in them. And many ask for a recipe. People just do not know how to cook them.
 I had guests with an interpreter at my estate. The Frenchman said: "Oh, it's delicious, tasty."

One firm in Grodno has already been engaged in this business for 14 years.  Today this enterprise is the only one in Belarus engaged in the production of frozen snails on an industrial scale.

It provides the domestic market and exports the product to Russia, France, Italy, and Spain.

Anton Zazersky, head of the procurement department of the processing company:
We have regular staffers. They buy them in villages and take to our base. This year, the price of a snail was 33 kopecks. Income tax was included, so we got 38 kopecks.

According to experts, Belarus may well become the largest supplier of mollusks in Europe. This is despite the fact that the snail settled in these latitudes accidentally. The snail was taken to Belarus in the 16th century, as an ornament for parks and gardens.

Tatyana Kopysova, senior lecturer, Faculty of Biology and Ecology of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University:
It lives and multiplies remarkably. The production of that firm makes no impact on the snail population. Especially because they choose not all snails, but only those of certain sizes, quite adult, those who have already reached sexual maturity.

Alexander Tarasevich, chef of a restaurant:
We can cook snails, but it will take a very long time. For this we need at least 10 days. They first have to be kept at home in some dish for 7 days and fed with mineral water so that their body cleanses of everything that they ate during this time.

The same frozen shellfish came to the rescue in our case.  Let's try to cook them together with the chef Alexander.

Alexander Tarasevich:
We don't take everything from this snail. It's even noticeable in the shell, that dark color... See? This is where the snail's intestine is. It is not eaten, it is thrown away. We can eat the foot. From the dark part to the base of the snail. This is primarily an aphrodisiac. The snail is rich in protein. Those who are on a diet or do sports can consume it in unlimited quantities.

The frozen product is unpretentious in cooking. A few minutes in the oven and it's ready. 

Snails' mucus is added to masks and creams.  However, cosmetologist from Vitebsk Olga Mazilova admits that she trusts living snails more. Alas, she can't just pick up these snails from the garden and place them to the faces of her customers since sanitary norms forbid that. Although, she is sure that the procedure would be in demand.

Olga Mazilova, cosmetologist:
If the snail is put on the facial skin it gives a lifting effect , due to the micro-massage of tissues. It works through the entire region, which can't be done with hands. Our legislation does not provide for this procedure, because snails should be sold in a pharmacy, that is, they must be sterile.

The business niche is still quite empty when it comes to snails. So let’s hope this business will be developing over time and Belarusian snails will become a kind of brand all over the world.