Construction of overground unibus metro in Mogilev to begin 2019


Construction of overground unibus metro in Mogilev to begin 2019

An overground metro will be built in Mogilev. For the first time in the world, string technologies for transport will be used.

This is a development of a Belarusian company.

The same company also will build a line and equip it with unibuses - cars designed for 24 passengers. The new transport will have a speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour. Passengers will be able to get from the sleeping area to the city center or back in just two minutes.

Now a business plan has been prepared, and a project is being developed. Construction is planned to begin in 2019.

Alexei Murashko, Deputy Project Manager:
The cost of the concept of the city transport line "Ordzhonikidze-Fatina", according to the business plan, is 9-10 million dollars.

Payback period on average is 10 years (with the current passenger traffic, under the current conditions and the ticket price of 80 kopecks).

Victor Krasovsky, General Director of the Mogilev Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs:
There is a world practice when such projects go through public financing. And then they receive certain dividends.

After commissioning the first city route in Mogilev, the company intends to build two more lines. The developers are confident that the future of passenger transport belongs precisely to the new transportation system.

For example, at long distances, unibuses can accelerate to 600 kilometers per hour.

That is, a passenger can get from Mogilev to Minsk in 20-30 minutes instead of 3 hours by road. Such transport is environmentally friendly, and does not require global financial investments.

Interest in the project has been declared by Russia, the United Arab Emirates, India and the Czech Republic.