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World Bank praises implementation of projects in Belarus

World Bank projects are implemented in Belarus at a high level and in a timely manner, said June 14 the head of the WB representative office at a meeting with MPs.

A variety of initiatives have been supported. A new area is the resolution of economic management issues.

The amount of financing provided by the World Bank is on the rise.

Young Chul Kim, World Bank Country Manager for Belarus:
Now we are starting to prepare a partnership strategy for the next period on a very positive note, because Belarus has established itself as a country where events and projects are implemented in a timely manner, at a high quality level and with money savings, which allows using these savings to implement new projects.

Experts note that Belarus is carrying out consistent reforms.

The WB has also appreciated that Belarus is making steps that do not require investment, but at the same time allow investors to easily come to the country. We are talking about the introduction in February 2017 of a five-day visa-free regime for foreigners.

World Bank praises implementation of projects in Belarus