Changes planned in Belarus’ public health service

Changes planned in Belarus’ public health service

The average lifespan of Belarusians is 74.5 years. Experts say that this figure has been reached thanks to the fact that Belarus’ health service is one of the most available in the world.

Belarus is one of the not many countries where a doctor can visit you at your home. As a rule there are about 1,000 patients for one GP. Cardiovascular surgery, transpalntology and oncology have made a great step forward.

Yelena Bogdan, head of the main administration for healthcare under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
Oncologists and cardio surgeons carry out many unique and successful operations today. Oncologists and traumatologist-orthopaedist surgeons do it as well. If to speak about outpatient links, pilot projects directed at increasing nursing functions are carried out. The project of Minsk City Emergency Hospital on creating a new admissions office on distributing patients depending on the emergency of their situation.

Alexander Mrochek, director of Republican Scientific and Practical Centre “ Cardiology”:
In order to see a decrease of figures in the illnesses and deaths, it is necessary to organize an aid system. I think that such a system functions perfectly well in Belarus.

A change from outpatient network to the principle of a GP will promote the lifespan. Another novelty is expected: nurses will be working separately from district doctors.