Belarus' Amkador-Semash: We will produce world-class agricultural machinery

Belarus' Amkador-Semash: We will produce world-class agricultural machinery

One of the leading Belarusian enterprises for the production of machinery has presented its new holding company. Amkodor-Semash focuses on vehicles and units for agricultural producers.

Today the holding company produces more than 700 different products. The main task is to master the production of the whole range of agricultural machinery. 

The new plant is located in Dzerzhinsk (Dzyarzhynsk) and currently employs 80 people.

Amkodor is going to produce machinery that can be used to prepare feed, help in breeding cows or mammals, and also harvest crops.

Alexander Shakutin, Amkodor chairman:
The investment portfolio for the next two years will be $150 million. If investment programs are implemented quickly, we will swiftly create enterprises, quickly modernize the plants that are now part of the holding company.

We plan to modernize the two plants that are in this holding company before the end of 2017.

We must reach a production volume worth more than $100 million in the next two years, of which 50% will be exported.

The new national holding company uses the best designs of Belarusian designers and the already existing network for brand promotion.

Alexander Luchyonok, CTV:
The tractors "Belarus" now have real competitors. The first tractor Amkodor is an energy-rich vehicle. It is capable of replacing several medium-class tractors. It is designed mainly for agricultural work. Serial production of these models is planned for early 2018.

The project involves about a hundred new pieces of equipment. 

Among them are small-sized loaders and sowing units, machines for fodder preparation, soil processing and grain cleaning.

The holding company will include several enterprises. The total number of employees is about 500. The new plant will specialize in machines for grain cleaning and for soil processing.

It is expected that the holding company will completely close the issue of import substitution in the next few years.